NI Rentals Limited has been providing property to discerning clients for over a decade.

In 2013, the business was expanded to include a letting agency to provide a letting service for properties
owned by other companies and individuals.

NI Rentals Letting Agency specialises in luxury accomodation for tenants looking for something special.

With dozens of luxury accomodation on our books, tenants will find lovely apartments, beautiful semis and
amazing detached houses without a single terrace or ex-council house.

This means discerning tenants will be able to find their perfect new home without scrolling
through lots of unsuitable properties like aging terraces or ex-council houses.

The advantage for landlords is that our letting agency attacts only discerning clients seeking the
highest quality accomodation.

While we are a small letting agency, this means we can give a very hands-on service to our clients, whether landlords or tenants.
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